The Motivation Compass is a result of the motivation analysis method.
This technique identifies a person’s strengths and vocationally-significant motivations, providing an inventory of that individual’s unique gifts.This system involves recollection of a number of things the individual enjoyed doing and believes were done well. Analysis of these achievements reveals a recurring pattern that emerges in early years and stays constant throughout life.

Understanding your motivational pattern is, therefore, foundational to personal development, study and employment that is both highly productive to the organization and richly satisfying to the individual.

Your Motivation Compass is probably the most important personalized career-related information available. Not only does it describe your motivation, but it also predicts how you will perform in the future. Your Motivation Compass unearths the particulars of your motivational makeup and the overall purpose that excites and drives you.Your Motivation Compass is based on individualized autobiographical analysis.

By developing an understanding of your Motivation Compass, you will be better equipped to select study, career and leisure opportunities in which you will be successful and satisfied.

The Motivation Compass is based on the System for Identifying Motivated Abilities.